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Wellness Consultations

Procedure for Evaluation:

  • To receive an evaluation from Peter L. Fallon, R.Ph., or Pamela Pesta, RPh, no prescription from a physician is needed. We use a functional medicine approach to develop a wellness plan for you.  You must fill out the Wellness questionnaire below and fax back or drop off at the pharmacy.  If you would like to have your consultation in Latham, please fax your questionnaire to 518-220-5004.  If you would like to have your consultation in Saratoga, please fax your questionnaire to 518-306-5347. If it is determined that you need a hormone evaluation, an extra evaluation form will be sent to you.
  • An appointment is then to be made via a telephone call (1-800-890-1137 or locally at 518-220-2005, fax 518-220-5004).
  • Please call for current consultation fee(s).  The average consultation is 1 to 1.5 hours in length.  Two follow-up consultations will be included in the original fee and will be scheduled at 15 to 30 days, and at 60 days and generally last 15 minutes.  Additional consultations will result in additional fees. 
  • The health assessment questionnaire requires information pertaining to your current prescription medications, nutritional supplements, current health problems, medical history, family history, psycho-social history, perceived stress levels, diet, caffeine and cigarette consumption, exercise, and overall look at your life style. Any lab testing over the previous two years is valuable in the assessment.  All this information will give us a means for creating an individualized plan to balance your core systems and alleviate your major complaints.
  • During the wellness consultation you will be educated on what systems need balancing and what steps will be necessary to craft an individualized plan.  We feel that it is helpful for the patient to understand why he/she needs to make changes before actually making them.  Additional lab testing may be required. 
  • These recommendations will be forwarded to your physician or health care provider.
  • Lifestyle recommendations will be made in order to keep your health in balance and to create general overall health. Nutritional supplements and/or vitamin supplements might be recommended as a part of your therapy but with the ultimate goal of minimizing their use once balance has been achieved.
  • We look forward to helping you create the wellness you deserve.

Peter L. Fallon, RPh.

Pamela Pesta, RPh.

Click here for Wellness Consultation form.