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About Our Pharmacists

 464005_649432390261_822223812_o.jpg  Peter L. Fallon, RPh: Pharmacist and Owner.  1974 graduate of Albany College of Pharmacy. Over 30 years of compounding experience. Majority of experience in sterile products, male impotence, veterinary, bio-identical hormone replacement, natural, herbal and homeopathic remedies.  Peter specializes in Functional Medicine consultations and wellness.

Full-time Pharmacists

FullSizeRender.jpg  Pamela Pesta, RPh:  1984 graduate of Albany College of Pharmacy.  Over 10 years of compounding experience, specializing in bio-identical hormone replacement and veterinary preparations.  Pam has been a valued member of our staff since 2012.  She is a Functional Medicine practitiioner and currently accepting consultation appointments.

ErikaFallon.jpg  Erika Fallon, Pharm D, RPh: Supervising Pharmacist.  2008 graduate of Albany College of Pharmacy. Currently practicing hormone, veterinary, pediatric and general compounding.  Erika also has training in Functional Medicine and First Line Therapy.  Erika has a niche for recommending creative and efficient dosage forms for animals.

Scan.jpeg  Kaela Faraone, Pharm D, RPh: 2015 graduate of Albany College of Pharmacy.  After completing an advanced practice internship rotation with us, Kaela joined us as a full time pharmacist.  She currently specializes in compounding topicals, capsules and suspensions for our human and animal patients. 


Part-time Pharmacists

Carol Fallon-Morra, RPh: 1980 graduate of Albany College of Pharmacy. Over 20 years exhperience as practicing pharmacist with multiple areas of compounding experience.  She has worked for us for over 25 years!

Sara Del Vecchio, RPh: 1991 graduate of Albany College of Pharmacy, Sara has been bringing clinical and retail knowledge and experience to our staff since 2016.